NetCom Form - Network Troubleshooting

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When did the trouble start? How often does it occur? When did it last occur?

When did the problem begin?

When did it happen last?

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Source Equipment:

Equipment / Device.
(Network Point of Origin)

Equipment Between Source and Destination:

Equipment Between Source and Destination.
(Video VCS, MCU etc.)

Destination Equipment:

Equipment / Device.
(Network Destination)

For Video Distance Learning:




Type of Connection:

Feel free to attach up to four relevant files below:
These attachments should provide additional information (such as logs) or emphasize what leads you to believe this is a network-related problem.

The File Size For Each Attachment Cannot Exceed 5mb.

If you need to attach more than 3 files it is recommended to archive (zip) your files before uploading.

Human Test - Hint: It's a tiger.

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Hint 1: "_iger" OR "t_ger" OR "ti_er" OR "tig_r" OR "tige_"

Hint 2: "Lions and _ _ _ _ _s and bears, oh my!"

Hint 3: "To me, the picture above looks suspiciously like a tiger."

Hint 4: Alright, "tiger" is an acceptable answer.


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