NetCom Form - Work Order

Important Notes:

Requests involving new service that will incur a monthly charge require the submission of a Telephone Privileges Request Form.
This form is required before any work will be performed.

If this request will result in a move or change to the configuration of your office space, you must fill out a Capital Project/Space Request Form.
This form should be submitted to Facilities Services.

Faculty/Staff should use their official ISU email address ( to submit this form.

Students should not fill out this form for service to be performed in Student Housing.
(Contact the Housing Administration Office to request service.)

Who are you? We automatically copy these values to "contact information", you may change them if you wish.

Four digit ISU phone extension.

Enter a FULL email address, not just a username.

After receiving a work order we will follow up with this person.
These don't have to match the "submitted by" section.

Four digit ISU phone extension.

Enter a FULL email address, not just a username.

Enter a FULL email address, not just a username.

How can we help you?

What kind of work order is this?

What equipment category would this fall under?

Be as specific as possible. ex: "HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn"

Make & Model is a required field if you selected Computer, General Electronics, Photocopier, OR Printer as the Equipment Type.

Where should we help you?

The location / campus of this work order.

The official ISU building name (and number if possible).

Is there a specific room where this work will take place?

Some other things we need to know.

The official ISU tag number (Enter NA if none).

The official ISU index code.

The official ISU Department making this request.

The official ISU activity code (Enter NA if none).

At least one of these options will apply to your workorder.

Try to provide as much information as possible.

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